Because She Matters

Her voice matters. Her dreams matter. Her life matters.

At Because She Matters our mission is to equip and empower women and girls, primarily of color, by helping them get healthy, happy, healed and whole.

Through our programs, products and services, we help them identify and overcome the obstacles in their life holding them back from living their most fulfilled life—a life that is soulfully aligned, full of power and purpose. We help them break generational curses, broken mindsets, and learned patterns and behaviors that keep them playing small in some areas of life instead of fully launching into a life that they may only dream about today.  

We consider the 5 dimensions of health & wellness when we analyze life: physical, emotional, spiritual, social and intellectual.

Because She Matters

Vision & Mission

We believe we can be, do or have anything we can think, dream or imagine. The ability to create that life is not found outside of us, by tapping into ourselves.

So, we use tools and strategies related to self-discovery, self-esteem, self-help, self-empowerment, and self-love to shed the layers inhibiting women from living their most powerful, most purposeful life. 

Black Women Who Blog, Aprill Edwards

Core Values

  • We are all sisters of the same struggles. Together we become sisters of the same successes.
  • Spiritual, physical and mental health & well-being are vital to living a richly fulfilling life.
  • Every woman and girl has a right to live in a diverse and inclusive world where they have every opportunity to achieve their wildest dreams w/o limitations related to gender or color.
  • Every woman and girl should have the ability to live life in purpose, on purpose and with purpose.
  • We strive to live a healthy, happy, healed and whole life from a whole person perspective.
Black Women Who Blog, Aprill Edwards

What We Do:

How We Do It:

We are committed to helping women and girls live their best, most bold, most intentional life–with purpose, in purpose and on purpose!