I’m hitting a block this morning so let me just start writing and see what comes through. Maybe some quiet music will get my thoughts flowing this morning. Some quiet ocean music to soothe me and quiet my mind. 

Hmmmm….when I just pulled up Apple Music my recently played list came up. Lord of the Breakthrough by Israel & New Breed is on top.  Lord of the Breakthrough.  That immediately shifts my thoughts to think about life…all the obstacles we face – some seem so defeating, so limiting, so final…but then we breakthrough. And we move on.

We forget about what we experienced. How helpless we felt. How vulnerable we were. Until something else happens. Then God comes to the rescue…again. We breakthrough…again. And we are so grateful…again.

And then we forget…again.

Let’s be honest here. Before you start saying how this doesn’t apply to you, let’s think about it further. Or, instead, allow me to get personal and see if you can relate.  I’ve gone through moments in life that brought me stress.  Just when things were going great…BOOM.  Something happens.  I get upset. I feel discouraged. I go through the emotions and then I turn to God.

“Hi God. It’s me again. I need you.” 

And let’s be clear. I have an ongoing, daily, intimate relationship with God. I do. He and I talk daily. I have conversations with him like He’s my best friend.

“Look God, now I know you saw what just happened. Ummmm…help me out here.  I’m feeling a little ___________________. Help me to see things differently.”

“Good morning God.  Thank you. For everything.”

“So God…. what now?”

I talk to him.  Consistently. But I’m still human.  And, unlike some, I lived many decades of my life in survival mode.  I lived with repeating cycles of drama, trauma, confusion, let down, and disappointment. There was always something. I’d had those experiences since childhood; that became my norm.  Survival mode. The constant cycle of living, “event,” recovery, and living again.

And even though God always shows up and shows out…even though He’s never left me nor forsaken me…even though He’s always been the Lord of the Breakthrough…I still forget when I am in the ‘grey’ areas.

His unnumerable victories in my life become so expected that after they happen, sometimes they get tucked away. So much so that when the next “thing” happens, I feel fear, helplessness, anger, sadness, disappointment…again.  I cry. I panic. I get anxious. 

Even though He’s always Lord of the Breakthrough, I still get caught up and allow my little, tiny problems (in relation to my Big, Mighty God) feel like too much.  I still allow myself to feel fear, helplessness, anger, sadness, disappointment…again.

I haven’t come to the place where, when my loved one calls me in a panic because something happened, that I simply say “Don’t worry. It’s no problem.  Let me call the Lord of the Breakthrough.  I’ll be right back.”

I, in the moment, allow my emotions to make me temporarily forget all the MAJOR movements God has made in my life.  The emotions allow me to temporarily lose sight of all the victory.  All the praise parties.  All the “But God” testimonies.

So today, I think I’ll put that song on repeat for a while and allow myself to rest in my heavenly Father’s presence and thank Him for being Lord of the Breakthrough.

Lord of the Breakthrough by Israel & New Breed

Lord of the Breakthrough….

Lord of the Breakthrough…

You are the Lord of the Breakthrough….

We worship you.

We worship you.

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